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School performances 2016/17:

Celtic Traditions Across Canada –  An interactive, educational performance of Celtic traditional music found across Canada. After taking her program to nearly 150 schools in B.C. and Alberta, students and staff not only love but are inspired by Kiérah’s outstanding performance of 8 very different styles of traditional and contemporary fiddle music and learning the history behind them. Kiérah is an inspiration to young people by her life’s musical accomplishments. She demonstrates that through hard work and by setting goals, the pay off is happiness in personal achievement and enjoying a wonderful career in music.

“Our staff and students were overwhelmed with the degree of Kiérah’s professionalism. In more than 30 years as a teacher and administrator, Kierah stands out as one of the best performers that I have had visit my schools” – Glen Hilder, principal of Green Timbers Elementary, Surrey, B.C.

“Kierah is an outstanding fiddle player and entertainer. She encouraged the students by her own example as to the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them” – Bob Cocking, Principal, Buchanan School, Calgary

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ArtStarts in Schools 2016/17 – 604-336-0626 

ArtStarts in Schools is a not-for-profit organization that provides innovative arts programs for young people, practical resources for teachers and artists, and leadership in advocacy for arts in education.

Kierah is a member of ArtStarts’ Artists on Tour Directory. Educators and community presenters can search the Directory to discover a juried selection of high quality, professional artists available to perform in BC schools. Check out my online profile in ArtStarts’ Artists on Tour Directory, including show listings, reviews, photos and more at