A Fiddle Affair

A Fiddle Affair

“A Fiddle Affair” is named for Kiérah’s love of the instrument and all the wonderful music played with it. This fiddling virtuoso has taken East Coast, Scottish and Irish tunes, blended them with her own original tunes and created this wonderful, high energy CD. It is brilliantly performed by Kiérah on fiddle along with Nova Scotia’s multi-talented Troy MacGillivray on piano and Juno award winner Andy Hillhouse on guitar. “A Fiddle Affair” features sixteen of Kiérah’s original tunes.


1.  Crabbit Shona/Maverick Angels 3:04
2. The Empress of Ireland/19th C Strathspey/19th C Reel/Celtic Flurry 3:41
3. Trolley’s Reel / The Lasses / Sean Maguire’s Reel 3:30
4. Imagine/Mary’s Garden/Runaway Train 3:58
5. McNabb’s Hornpipe/Toss the Feathers/The Chatterbox/Good Morning Sunflower 4:58
6. A Fiddle Affair/Blind Man’s Reel/La Reel du Corfu/A Fiddle Affair 3:31
7. Wee Gavin 2:07
8. Farewell to Eire/Castle Kelly/The Musical Priest 4:08
9. Exploding Bow/Superfly 2:16
10. Hector the Hero/Lady Madelina Sinclair/Miss Wedderburn/Little Donald in the Pigpen 3:39
11. The Brackett Boys/Spey in Spate/Bonnie Kate 3:08
12. Until We Meet Again/Memories Of Judique/Almost Country/The Birston Studio 4:40
13. Fishing with Vic/The Stone Frigate/Ottawa Valley Fiddle Camp 2007/The Road to Errogie 6:30
14.  Calliope House, Grant’s Reel, Trip to Antigonish, Hey Nelson 4:47

Tunes in bold were written by Kiérah.



“Brilliant”  –  B.C. Musician Magazine

If you’ve been impressed by Kierah’s incredible musical maturity in the past, stand by to be doubly impressed with her new CD”

– Alex Browne, Peace Arch News 

“I think she is one of the best fiddlers I’ve ever heard and she was only 13 when she recorded it”

– Brendan Ring, internationally renowned musician, composer and all Ireland Champion Uilleann piper

“There are so many wonderful reels and textures on this work that I can’t imagine where this young lady is headed for in the future”! – Victory Review Acoustic Music Magazine