“Stonemason’s Daughter”

2013 Canadian Folk Music Award
"Young Performer of the Year"
Stonemason’s Daughter available May 10th

"Stonemason's Daughter cannot be described as ethereal and sweet: it’s a masterful presentation of how Kiérah commands the fiddle with definition and precision. A powerful listen".

- Eileen McCabe, Irish Music Magazine

"A classically infused Irish/Scots melange of excitement and reserve. "Stonemason's Daughter" is a work of finely wrought conviction and musical pedigree".

- John O'Regan, The Living Tradition

"Growing up the youngest of 7 children, Kiérah must have felt the real need to stand out, and stand out she does with her new album. It's not just her technical prowess as a traditional fiddler that makes "Stonemason's Daughter" note-worthy, it's her touch with the old tunes and her taste for composing new ones".

- Devon Leger, Hearth Music

That Dang Paddy Ryan

Ireland Meets Scotland

“I am so happy to have received this very special award and would like to give a big thank you to musicians Adrian Dolan, Adam Dobres, Daniel Lapp, Martin Nolan and Paul O'Brien for making it such a success".
- Kiérah

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