“Stonemason’s Daughter”

2013 Canadian Folk Music Award
Stonemason’s Daughter available May 10th

"Stonemason's Daughter cannot be described as ethereal and sweet: it’s a masterful presentation of how Kiérah commands the fiddle with definition and precision. A powerful listen".

- Eileen McCabe, Irish Music Magazine

"A classically infused Irish/Scots melange of excitement and reserve. "Stonemason's Daughter" is a work of finely wrought conviction and musical pedigree".

- John O'Regan, The Living Tradition

"Growing up the youngest of 7 children, Kiérah must have felt the real need to stand out, and stand out she does with her new album. It's not just her technical prowess as a traditional fiddler that makes "Stonemason's Daughter" note-worthy, it's her touch with the old tunes and her taste for composing new ones".

- Devon Leger, Hearth Music

Bohemian Rush

Ireland Meets Scotland

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“A factor in Kiérah’s early rise to musical prominence is her sound recognition of the importance of understanding the music, the period it was written in, and discovering the emotions and truth behind the music”
– Carol Watson, Fiddler Magazine

“A national treasure”
– Kelly Breaks, Blue Frog Studios

“Kierah has accomplished more at 18 than most of us could conceive in a lifetime. A phenomenal fiddle player”!
– Steve Edge , Vancouver Rogue Folk

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